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As we move throughout our daily lives many of us are often overwhelmed regarding the hustle and bustle of each day; when we survey our activities retrospectively, reflecting back over our tragedies our triumphs, our setbacks our success, our hurts and our hopes; many of us in the Body of Christ find that Sunday’s Praise and Glory is outweighed by Monday’s pessimism and gloom.

We want to everyone to reconnect with the Sovereign Moments in our daily lives. As we profess our faith in Christ we must remind ourselves and each other that ours’ is a walk of Faith. Each of us has moments in our lives when we know for certain that our redeemer lives.

I shared with our HE IS SOVEREIGN FAMILY recently that GOD honors our faith with his Grace.  I put it this way “ The Greater My Faith-The Greater His Grace.”  Our lives are full of challenges however; Christ is singularly focused on our believing in HIM which translates to our Faith.  Share your Sovereign Moment today!

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