He Is Sovereign Ministries

The Business 2.0 is the place where you can find referrals and testimonies of excellent business service(s) provided. It is a place to post key articles on topics that impact our community. Why is it important for all saints to be civically engaged? IF we are taught by Paul to pray for all of our leaders, how are we to pray without knowledge of the leaders? If there are major health risks in our community, we will post in Business 2.0.

We cannot be successful as individuals or a nation if we are in poor health (WHY are African Americans suffering in this area more so than others?…the WORD says we are healed). Year after year we debate and we let others debate that our kids our failing or falling behind in education---yet we read that the beginning of knowledge comes with fear of the Lord---fear here is complete reverence of the LORD. Our challenge is to make sure we are always connecting our learning to what the LORD requires of us (Not Our Will but Thy Will Be Done). We want to show how logging into Business 2.0 and staying connected to HISOVEREIGN.com will keep you aligned with the WORD!!!!